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Garmin Edge and Vector pedals now available on Project One 23/01/2014

Garmin Edge and Vector pedals now available on Project One





Speed Concept FAQ

Speed Concept FAQ

Is this bike fast?

Hell yes it is. We already had the fastest bike on the planet, but we wanted to go faster. We went out and did loads of Real World Yaw Testing, then used the data we gathered to completely redesign the bike with the goal of making it the fastest in real world conditions. We altered the KVF profile, completely rethought the cockpit design, developed a new fork shape, made the integrated storage work seamlessly with the bike and the rider, created the new SpeedFin, and did everything possible to bring you the fastest bike in the industry.

What is KVF?

KVF stands for Kammtail Virtual Foil, and is Trek’s breakthrough airfoil design that utilizes the shape of a high-aspect air foil with the trailing edge truncated. The results are superior aerodynamics, stiffness, and low weight, all of which are the leading concerns among cyclists.

What is new with KVF?

We already knew that KVF is the fastest aerodynamic shape for a bicycle, but we wanted to tweak the shape slightly to maximize speed. So, we reduced the frontal area of the seat tube and down tube by 13%, while maintaining the superior stiffness that the Speed Concept is known for and keeping with the UCI-mandated 3:1 aspect ratio.

Why does the fork come in a full-foil design instead of KVF?

In larger tubes, such as on a downtube or seattube, the KVF design provides a superior aerodynamic advantage, and on any tube shape the KVF profile offers less weight and greater stiffness when compared to a full-foil design. However, the fork of the Speed Concept does not have a great amount of surface area, so we began experimenting with a full-foil design here and found that when a high aspect ratio (6:1) design is applied to the fork that it has an advantage when compared to the UCI-legal KVF version that is also offered.

What does Yaw mean?

Yaw is the angle between the wind’s apparent direction and the direction of the bicycle. The wind’s apparent direction is different from the wind’s actual direction because the airspeed from the rider must be taken into account. This is best shown in the following diagram:

What is Real World Yaw Testing?

Being able to prove that a bike is aerodynamic in just a wind tunnel is easy, but we wanted to make sure that the new Speed Concept is the fastest bike in real-world conditions, where being fast actually matters. So we first designed and built a mobile sensor system with extremely high fidelity and response that will simultaneously measure yaw angle and airspeed, along with GPS speed, location, heading, and altitude. Then we attached this sensor to a scooter and followed a racer around real Ironman courses to mimic the cyclist’s speed and direction. A scooter was used to make sure the cyclist wasn’t slowed down by any additional weight or wind resistance, and we made sure to follow at a distance beyond where data would be influenced by the leading cyclist. We tested on the Ironman Arizona, Hawaii, and Wisconsin courses because each offer a wide range of wind conditions that an athlete might face. Arizona is an out-and-back with typically light wind; Wisconsin is a nearly circular loop with typically moderate wind; and Hawaii is an out-and-back with typically strong wind. For maximum accuracy, we also made sure to test each course at approximately the same time of year and time of day for the respective Ironman races, and tested over multiple days and riders per location. This all adds up to make sure that we have the most accurate data on how wind hits the cyclist, which is 2.5-12 degrees of yaw.

Is the new Speed Concept lighter?

Yes, the frameset is an incredible 437 grams lighter. That’s 0.96 pounds!

How many sizes does the Speed Concept come in?

We offer the same sizes as the previous Speed Concept, so S-XL, as well as an XS model with 650c wheels.

How does the fit compare to the previous Speed Concept?

With the previous Speed Concept, we had the best fit window in the industry. On the new model, we kept the same frame stack and reach, but have been able to expand on its best-in-class pad fit range. The result is that you can now get lower and further forward than before, to fit an even broader range of racers.

How do I fit the Speed Concept?

The new Speed Concept’s geometry is no different from the original model, and the sizing follows nearly the same process. First, for frame and component choice, you need to prioritize the measurements on the customer’s elbow pad stack, elbow pad reach, base bar stack, base bar reach, and saddle height. Diagrams and explanations of each can be found in the new Speed Concept’s Fit & Sizing guide. Using this guide, find the sizing chart and locate the column that includes the desired pad reach. Then, find the row with the arm pad stack that is closest to the customer’s preference. Check the basebar stack and reach for the closest desired match, and record the frame and stem solutions located at the bottom of the chart.



MTB on Project One

Mountain Bikes now available through Project One



Industry’s best customization program adds a whole new element

After years of building one of the active sports industry’s most unique and progressive product customization programs, Trek is adding a huge new element to Project One by adding our most popular mountain bikes. In a market driven by specific rider preferences, Project One will allow riders the world over to create the bike of their dreams from the ground up. Hand-picked by the rider and hand built by us.

Bikes to customize on Project One today

  • Superfly 9.9 SL
  • Superfly FS 9.9 SL
  • Fuel EX 9.9 29

Custom options

Frame Colors
Graphics Shifters
Shock Fork
Drivetrains Bottom Bracket
Front Rotor Rear Rotor
Wheelsets Headset
Tires Saddles
Bars Grips
Fork Color Cassettes
Crank Seat Posts
Stems Brake set



Project One !!

Welcome to Project One



Customize bikes for your shop floor as well as for individual customers.

Project One now gives you more ways to customize your bikes.  Choose from road, triathlon or mountain bikes with an impressively vast set of options.

Whether the bikes you choose are the no up-charge Select Schemes or the special Signature Series, the opportunities to find the perfect bike are nearly endless.






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